Trapped Emotions or Emotional Baggage” are commonly used to describe any unconscious emotional energies which exist as a result of intense or traumatic emotional events that have not been fully processed and released from the body or mind. When emotional energy like this becomes trapped, various organs or glands in the body could possibly become imbalanced it could interfere with the flow of energy through the body. The trapped energy of the Trapped Emotions may begin to cause disruption, physical discomfort, uneasiness, drastic emotional changes, like anxiety, depression and sadness. But through energy healing methods like muscle testing and The Emotion Code these emotions can be identified, processed, and released from the body, restoring a healthy balance to our body.

The Emotion Code is ideal for adults but amazing for kids too helping to releasing trapped emotions associated with phobias, night terrors, constipation, sadness, anxiety and more. Sessions can be carried out remotely so call to make an appointment.